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Why Give?

Transform a Community

With your donation, we will transform 125 University Avenue into the Rayshard Brooks Memorial & Peace Center.

We believe the time is now to transform the communities we live in and the narrative of black lives. Too often, black people have been left behind without a seat at the table to make lasting change for their families and communities. It has been there stories that have been unheard, there voices that have been silenced and there bodies used as target practice.  But this is our chance to change all of that for our future generations and send a message to the world that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

This is our time to be the change we want to see in the world. All we need is your support to make this new future into a reality. With your support today, we will begin to transform our local community into a safe space where black families can live, work and thrive. We will envision a new space where justice and peace can ring true for black lives too.  We will transform the tragic loss of Rayshard Brooks into a triumphant victory over racism, hatred, mass-incarceration, and police brutality. With your gifts, we can change the world.

  • Brooks Family
    • Proceeds for Family of Rayshard Brooks
  • $ ANY
  • Sleep-In Supporter
    • Proceeds will support sleep-in supplies
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Children & Students free

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